The Earth Bag

Nutrient rich soil delivered to your home.

Simply order online and we deliver high quality, natural soil to your home. That’s it! No lugging, no need for a truck, and you don’t have to be home to take delivery.

The Best Soil for your Garden, Naturally.

Our soils are designed to provide the best growing environment for your plants. Allowing them to grow healthy and strong while reducing the dependency on chemical fertilizers. Made of a unique blend of nutrition rich compost, high quality screened loam, and blend of beneficial fungi, our soils are designed to restore life to Alberta gardens and lawns.

The soil in urban environments is often lacking in naturally occurring fungi and other beneficial organisms that bring soil its life, forcing plants to rely on chemical fertilizers.  Which is why we blend our soils with beneficial fungi, known as a Mycelium, that plants require, for healthy roots and growth.

Plants can’t eat the nutrients in the soil in their raw form so something has to process the nutrients for them, and work in partnership with the roots for healthy plant growth.  In a natural ecosystem mycelium forms a living network, which holds moisture in the ground like a sponge, and converts soils into available nutrients for plants.  By adding our soils to your garden you can re-establish this network and create an environment where your plants will thrive.


Our Products

The “Earth Bag” comes in two convenient sizes;

The One Ton bag provides enough soil for most home and garden projects.  Spread it on your, lawn to restore the natural balance and grow green healthy grass, or use it in your garden & raised beds.  A one-ton bag will cover roughly 325 sq feet, (30 sq Meters) 1 inch thick.

For smaller jobs there is the easier to handle Half Ton bag, which contains roughly a ½ a cubic meter of soil, or enough to cover 125 square feet  (15 sq Meters) 1 inch thick. 


For planting new plants, we recommend adding extra powdered mycelium directly to the planting area, providing maximum activity at the roots.  It’s available in our convenient 125 gram bags.